This is me

I am a person. I can’t drive. (CORRECTION Feb 2015: As of November 2014 I can drive) I take way too many photos, I like to think I’m a photographer but people just find me annoying. I write, well try to. I can’t tell a joke, I sit there laughing like a retarded seal for a good half hour, then the punch line hits home and I don’t even get a smattering of giggles.  I am residing in a country which has crap weather and I am so cold I can barely think.

I have some friends and some enemies and some people who hate me. But that is life. Move on and so forth.

My A-level’s and plans to move countries failed, but I feel it has all worked out for the best. I’m an Apprentice and loving it. (CORRECTION Feb 2015: I am no longer an apprentice, I also don’t have a job)

Made in New Zealand.

Imported into England.

Here is a picture of me:

I'm so hot ;)

I’m so hot 😉


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