Skinny Ankles

I ended up getting the job at the plant place. It consists of waking up at 5.30am and finishing work at 3.30pm. I spend all day stood at my work station which is basically a little trolley which I move between the Liners (massive green houses). I have also been promoted in a sense as I now work on the potting mahcine aswell. I pot around 13,500 plants a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. I then also have to put all potted plants down as well. That can be exhausting. But I can say I have become stronger. As long as I don’t reach body builder stage I am quite happy.

But there is a TaeKwondo master. He has two sleeves and one leg sleeve (trouser?) of tattoos. He has a koi karp hidden amongst his asian-esque tattoos. He is really tall and has weird biceps. But he as tiny ankles. Everyone at work takes the mick out of his tiny ankles.


“You would make a great swimmer, your ankles wouldn’t create drag.”

“Good thing she didn’t take it out on your ankles.”

“Captain Jack ankles of a Sparrow.”

We did talk about what we would have if we could have one bionic body part. (Yes, the manager joined this discussion too). One woman said bionic boobs to shoot lasers, I said bionic eyes (laser shooting, x-ray, etc) where as tiny ankles dude said he wanted bionic ankles.

Liner 1 IMG_0300