Chop Chop


I don’t really know what came over me. Maybe it was the lack of employment and me being left to go crazy. But on Tuesday I got the bus into town (Yes, I was 45 minutes late because yes, the bus decided to not turn up) and got my hair cut. These last few years I have been trying to get my hair as long as possible. Mostly because I am still scarred for life from the bob cut of 2008.

But my hair was getting gross, it had at least four shades of dye on the ends from when I attempted to dye the ends red. So much for permanent, within a few months it was a weird ginger colour. Anyway I went to this creepy looking hairdressers and told the woman to just chop it all off. I was expecting an awesome volumized bob per Phoebe Tonkin. I did get a bob, but it was not in any way shape or form volumized and it just sticks out awkwardly.

I am currently still partial to it. I go from loving it one minute (hair brushing/washing is so easy) to hating it (all my hair is gone!).


Dead and Gone

I died, my hair and it smeltĀ horrificĀ  It smelt like one of my Chemistry lessons gone wrong. Luckily my hair did not drop out or turn a nasty shade of ginger. The hairdresser said she felt like an artist painting a masterpiece. She then went and got a second person’s opinion. It only took 30 mins to apply and then 20 mins to lift so I wasn’t too bored. It didn’t come out crazy blonde so it looks quite natural although I need to give it a conditioner bath because it so dry now, well drier than before. Now the sister wants to copy. We get mistaken for twins although there is a two year age gap, now we will practically be identical.


The picture isn’t the best as the lighting was absolutely horrible, but here is a slight insight into the wonderful hair of mine. It looks blonder than in the picture.

Die. Hair. Die.

I’m dying my hair in the Easter holidays, it’s going to be awesome. Well hopefully, it probably won’t and all my hair will drop out. Them I’ll have to go to school with a wig.

The hairdresser had to do a ‘patch’ test to check I’m not allergic, the only allergic reaction I had was to the plaster. It was way too sticky. I had to rip it off with all my strength. It was eye wateringly painful.

It stained my arm balck, immense scrubbing was required to remove it.

My arm looks weird, and veiny. Ugh.

My arm looks weird, and veiny. Ugh

I was walking home with my friend when she said. “Look at that big dog!” She then looked again and said. “Oh wait it’s a pony.”

Why was there a pony in town? I have no idea why…