Chop Chop


I don’t really know what came over me. Maybe it was the lack of employment and me being left to go crazy. But on Tuesday I got the bus into town (Yes, I was 45 minutes late because yes, the bus decided to not turn up) and got my hair cut. These last few years I have been trying to get my hair as long as possible. Mostly because I am still scarred for life from the bob cut of 2008.

But my hair was getting gross, it had at least four shades of dye on the ends from when I attempted to dye the ends red. So much for permanent, within a few months it was a weird ginger colour. Anyway I went to this creepy looking hairdressers and told the woman to just chop it all off. I was expecting an awesome volumized bob per Phoebe Tonkin. I did get a bob, but it was not in any way shape or form volumized and it just sticks out awkwardly.

I am currently still partial to it. I go from loving it one minute (hair brushing/washing is so easy) to hating it (all my hair is gone!).