We went for a walk at the weekend. A very log one in the middle of nowhere on the border with Wales. Despite the grey skies it was sunny for the whole walk, it just seemed to become overcast as I pulled my phone out of my back pocket. I did almost get eaten alive but luckily my lightening fast reflexes meant I was able to swat it off before my body was sucked of blood.




Die. Hair. Die.

I’m dying my hair in the Easter holidays, it’s going to be awesome. Well hopefully, it probably won’t and all my hair will drop out. Them I’ll have to go to school with a wig.

The hairdresser had to do a ‘patch’ test to check I’m not allergic, the only allergic reaction I had was to the plaster. It was way too sticky. I had to rip it off with all my strength. It was eye wateringly painful.

It stained my arm balck, immense scrubbing was required to remove it.

My arm looks weird, and veiny. Ugh.

My arm looks weird, and veiny. Ugh

I was walking home with my friend when she said. “Look at that big dog!” She then looked again and said. “Oh wait it’s a pony.”

Why was there a pony in town? I have no idea why…