We went for a walk at the weekend. A very log one in the middle of nowhere on the border with Wales. Despite the grey skies it was sunny for the whole walk, it just seemed to become overcast as I pulled my phone out of my back pocket. I did almost get eaten alive but luckily my lightening fast reflexes meant I was able to swat it off before my body was sucked of blood.




Chop Chop


I don’t really know what came over me. Maybe it was the lack of employment and me being left to go crazy. But on Tuesday I got the bus into town (Yes, I was 45 minutes late because yes, the bus decided to not turn up) and got my hair cut. These last few years I have been trying to get my hair as long as possible. Mostly because I am still scarred for life from the bob cut of 2008.

But my hair was getting gross, it had at least four shades of dye on the ends from when I attempted to dye the ends red. So much for permanent, within a few months it was a weird ginger colour. Anyway I went to this creepy looking hairdressers and told the woman to just chop it all off. I was expecting an awesome volumized bob per Phoebe Tonkin. I did get a bob, but it was not in any way shape or form volumized and it just sticks out awkwardly.

I am currently still partial to it. I go from loving it one minute (hair brushing/washing is so easy) to hating it (all my hair is gone!).



I have just remembered I have a WordPress blog after my phone upped and died. It said there was too much stuff on it and I had to remove apps. I then went through said apps and found the WordPress one, hence find le blog.

A lot has happened since I was last on here. Shit loads.

In the summer the mother went into hospital because she had Endocarditis. She had been ill for 8 weeks before the GP decided to admit her. It was so advanced that if she hadn’t gone in when she did she would’ve died within the week. This was two days after my 18th birthday.

I was kind of thrown into the deep end of adulthood. I was left to get to work, feed the dog, feed myself and run a house while my sister was in Paris. I can’t cook.

They couldn’t operate until she had 6 weeks IV antibiotics to try and kill the infection. Within a few weeks she had two strokes which lead to no function down her left side.

This meant they couldn’t operate until the bits of infected heart tissue in her brain had calmed down otherwise she would stroke out in the operation.

After a few tense weeks she was transferred to Coventry and underwent the risky heart op after a few more weeks IV antibiotics.

I can’t remember much about those few days, I was kind of like a zombie. I wrote some stuff in my journal but even that doesn’t make sense. I didn’t want to write anything incase I jinxed it.

She did survive the 8 hour heart surgery but had another emergency heart operation the next morning because of a bleed. She survived that, thank god.

She was in a coma/ICU for five days before she came round. She was all blown up and fluidy. She ended up having two chest drains. They let the liquid out so suddenly that she began drowning in a sense and went into heart failure. They managed to fix their mistake.

So now 5 months since the heart operation she is still alive, quit work and engaged. (Function regained in left side only after she broke her pinkie which is now really crooked) The sister is studying French at Oxford University.

I’m coming to the end of my apprenticeship and don’t know what to do with my life.


That sums up my shit summer.

I did go to Disneyland last week but almost missed the flight home due to the killings in Paris.