Au Pair

I have been unemployed for exactly a month, to this day! I have spent my days applying for jobs, napping, gym and eating. I have applied to University and I have two conditional offers based on whether or not I pass my ICT BTec (still waiting on results). I have received one Uni rejection because the course I wanted to get onto was full.

But I had a brilliant idea a few weeks ago. I thought, why not Au Pair? Like my sister did? So I set about googling Au Pairing and found (the site my sister used) I also looked at I admit aupairworld looked a lot more non-dodgy.

I went online and applied to every family I could. I started off with the idea of only applying to American families, that way it would be an ok way to see the USA. However, I didn’t think about the cost of flights, visa’s, and the short amount of time. The next day I applied to everyone in Europe. I chose Russia, Spain and Germany. Three places where I speak the basics of the language. I also applied to families in Scandinavia (I am obsessed with all things Scandinavian since the Norwegian holiday of 2011 – RIP)

Literally overnight I had around twelve respnses from at least 16 people (14 from Spain, 2 from Germany). I started from the bottom and worked my way up. The first family looked nice, one child (yes!) and 4 hours from San Sebastian. I was about to reply when I realised, hell, flights from here to there would be awkward. Along with 4+ hours in the car travelling. I politely declined the request. I then went to the next family, it was a single mother, two daughters who live 30 mins by car from Madrid.

I got into contact with her and within a day she wished to Skype (my profile was epic). I ended up skyping them and they were lovely. The daughters are 10 and 7 which is great! No nappies! They also have 4 cats and a gerbil. After the skype call the mother said she was happy with me. I said the same. I booked my flights within an hour.

The skype chat was kind of awkward because the mother didn’t know much English and my Spanish was a bit rusty. I haven’t spoken it since school.

There were only one set of flights which flew direct from Brimingham, everything else went through Paris, Amsterdam or Zurich. The only one flight which flew direct was with Norwegian Air. I thought that was a bit weird, but I flew with them Oslo – Kirkenes and I didn’t die so I just went ahead with the booking. It also helps that they were also under £200 because all the ones with changes in other countries were £300+.

It is all decided. I go to Madrid in June, and fly home in August. Three days before my best friend from New Zealand comes to visit! I then I have a few weeks before we jet off to Santorini and then Uni!

I don’t know how often I will post to here but I thought I will create a tumblr dedicated to my 2 months au pairing.

I also have a 3 day trial for a job next week. 7-3.30pm. It’s going to be….interesting.


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