Teenage Rebellion


I did some teenage rebelling the other day, my rebellion stage started a just before Christmas. I compiled a list of ‘rebellious teenage things’ to do. Because I’m not really at all rebellious, just lazy.

One of the things on the list was to go to the supermarket and buy a packet of hair dye and do a self hair-dying extravaganza. I spent the afternoon with my sister, dying my hair a ‘chocolate truffle’ colour. I got dye all over a towel which is now permanently stained and I panicked when I washed it out because the bath went a weird shade of brown. When I first dyed it, it was black. Its faded now, and there is a bit of regrowth but its hardly noticeable because its a nicer, darker shade of my naturalish hair colour. 

The second thing was to book a plain ticket and fly to another country all by myself, which I am doing in May. I’m going to stay with my sister and her Au Pair family, so its not that rebellious.

Another was to go an buy a thong (not the shoes) mainly because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, I’ve had numerous friends say they are so much better than real, proper underwear. All I can say is that it was one one of the most painful, uncomfortable things I have ever done in my entire life. I mean what is cool about giving yourself a wedgie on purpose? I threw it in the bin.

It is all the rage now to go bra-less now, so the other day I took the plunge and did it. I was scared a flying boob was going knock someone out, so I kept my arms crossed. That isn’t really rebellious, but it was something out of my comfort zone.

The other was to get a pair of kitchen scissors and cut myself a fringe, I did that last night. It took around two hours and dare I say it, it’s actually straight!! I came down stairs into the kitchen and the mother took one look at me and said “What the hell have you done?”  She’s gotten used to it now and things it looks okay.

I can’t think of any other rebellious things to do, any pointers will be appreciated. 



2 thoughts on “Teenage Rebellion

  1. Wow, I congratulate you on doing all those things! I’m too much of a chicken, although if I ever were to do something wacky and crazy and completely unlike myself then those are the things I’d do. I’m not sure I’d have the guts to go and buy a thong though…

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