That escalated unexpectedly quickly


So some shit went down two weeks ago, I came in Monday to work and everything was fine. Ed was happy. (He was the market executive who looked like Francis off Made in Chelsea, but with a broken nose)

I then had my two days at college and then walked into work on Thursday to find out that Ed had quit with immediate effect the other say. He apparently didn’t even come back into the office for his £900 headphones.

This now leaves two people on the marketing team, me and my manager. My manager then spent the rest of the week interviewing for another apprentice. (Gonna have some competition)

Then it went bonkers on Friday because they interviewed Portuguese dude and they liked him, but he turned 19 on the sunday and the cut off for apprenticeships are 18. He is with the same apprentice company as me (he’s on cohort 4, I’m cohort 3) so one of the men came running down to do all the paperwork before the end of the day.

On Monday Portuguese dude started, he’s alright I guess. He went out at lunch and when he came back he was wearing a nose septum nose piercing. He was talking to me but all I could look at was this nose piercing, it was horrific.


Luckily he took it out because its not part of the business wear code. He is a bit annoying because he keeps on asking me what to do and I don’t know because I’m doing different work.

Next weekend its possible that I’m going to Liverpool for the day with Belgium dude and we’re going to see the Beatle stuff. Despite it being a 3 hr train ride there and back. Its gonna be epic.



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