Yesterday was Valentine’s day, as usual I got nothing. I don’t mind though because its stupid raising the price of chocolate and restaurant meals for one night. I did see this man in the supermarket though in the evening.


I made friends with the Belgium guy at work, he’s an intern and is here until June. We were kind of forced to get a long because we were put in a room in the basement all day to pack up brochures. He is 22 and he thought I was in my 20’s as well. He was visibly shocked when I told him how old I was.
A surprisingly large amount of packages went to New Zealand and Australia, again, Belgium guy was shocked I was from NZ because I have lost my accent.
I was shocked when he told me he spoke 4 languages, I was in awe. (Flemish, English, French, German)



I then saw what frozen mince meat looked like, I swear it looks like cardboard pellets.


I have also taken it upon myself to learn Russian. I think its going okay, despite probably pronouncing everything wrong.

Привет, как теба зовчт?
Меня зовут…….
Как твои дела?
Хорошо а у тебя?
Так себе.
До скорого

Its hard to type out and read and understand and pronounce. I’ve been wandering the house repeating the formal/informal greetings. The dogs getting confused.


2 thoughts on “Русский

  1. OH MY GOSH I LEARNED RUDIMENTAL RUSSIAN TOO ISN’T IT THE BEST LANGUAGE EVER???!?!? Anyway, the Belgian guy sounds awesome – knowing so many languages is amazing! Also, I have to message you on Facebook about this writing thing that you might be interested in, so keep a look out…

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