Nerds Unite!

My dude friend came over this weekend (both days, I felt so popular) and we spent it watching movies. On saturday we watched RED 2 and a few Chuck episodes and then today we completed two disks of Chuck season 2. (I don’t even know why I wrote that, its not like you even care)

It was when we saw a room in RED that we knew we were complete and utter nerds and doing an ICT apprenticeship.

I said: “Is that a server?”

My friend then nodded and said. “We are such nerds for knowing that.”

I said: “Nerds Unite!” and high-fived him.

We then spent the whole day critizing the various movies and episodes we watched. In one episode the computer fell off a shelf because of the ninja and then Lester announces that the computer is dead. (episode 1, season 1 of chuck)

Well we’ve been learning about hard drives and data is still recoverable even if its in tiny bits. You have to do a whole data wipe about 32 times to probably clear off all your data. Even then its still possible to recover it, if you were desperate that is…

Some might say that the hard drive was smashed in that particular episode, but it wasn’t. You can clearly see the hard drive go flying, the case popping off, so you can see the disks and metal arm.

I felt like such a nerd. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Chuck (main guy is so good looking) because it is one of the few programs that can make me laugh out loud.

I don’t even know why I wrote this post, nothing interesting has happened. I should just stop and go live under a rock.

Oh and after my mum dropped my friend off at the bus stop she turned to me and said. “Oh, he isn’t a chav!”

I was like. “No, he’s the only non-chav there, we sort of realised we were both the non-chav, non-smokers and banned together.”

He was then texting me and telling me how there were three drunk 13 year old hipsters on the bus and one of them took off her shoes. I told him to run as fast as he could because they were breeding.

The other day I was on the bus to work and this girl got on. I swear all she was wearing was a shirt, high heels, a bucket of make up and bale of hay on her head. She had a ridiculous comb over.

I was freezing, wearing my ski coat and scarf. I just looked at her and thought, isn’t she cold?

When I told my friend this he related it to the vine where the guy pretends to be a girl and dresses in hardly anything in the snow. He falls over, recovers and then says: “I still look cute though”

I was dying of laughter.


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