Death by Bicycle


I was doing the usual dog walk at 6am, it was pitch black and freezing. There were a few moments where both dog and I slipped.

I was wandering along grooving out to my music when I saw someone on a bicycle heading in my direction. It is a know fact that where I live the pavements have a person side and a bike side. Its even painted on the ground and there are sign posts.

So being the good citizen I am, I stuck to the person side of the pavement. Now this biker man was far too busy looking at a woman jogger behind him to notice me creeping along.

I saw my life flash before my eyes as he came barrelling towards me. All I could think was: ‘Oh shit’

I was contemplating which way to dive when they guy turned around, saw me and swerved into a bush. He shouted “f*ck”.

I continued walking. I took my head phones out and could hear him cursing the high heavens.

I was just thankful I was still alive, death by bicycle isn’t top of my list. I can picture the headline: GIRL DIES AFTER BEING HIT BY A BICYCLE.


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