I don’t know?


I’m getting slightly worried now, for the past couple weeks maybe months I’ve been having these really vivid dreams where I am smoking.

Literally, in my dreams I can feel the cigarette in my fingers, I can feel it in my mouth when I suck in the smoke and I can feel the smoke entering my lungs. Sometimes I can even taste it. And then when I finish the fag in my dreams I have to hurriedly light the next one and usually this gets delayed to something stupid like an assassin coming after me, or a dinosaur.

Why am I having these weird vivid smoking dreams? Am I going insane? Is it because my subconscious secretly wants to start smoking?



2 thoughts on “I don’t know?

  1. Young lady if I catch you smoking I will a) tell your mother and b) beat you up. I’ll then recite the entire list of disease and symptoms associated with smoking and make you look at pictures of diseased lungs.

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