Ever since moving countries, moving countries again, leaving school, starting an apprenticeship and starting work. I’ve pretty much lost contact with all my friends. I still on a daily basis talk to my two best friends in New Zealand and my other (best?) friend up in Chester. I tried keeping in touch with my friends at my old school but they don’t want to talk to me, it sucks.

I made friends with this one guy on my apprenticeship and he confided in me that if I wasn’t on the course he probably woul’ve quit, because like me he doesn’t like anyone else in the group. That was a major self esteem booster.

I am friendly with two other people on the course and I like them, but I just wouldn’t hang out with them. We don’t always run on the same brain wave.

Anyway, what I was getting at was the fact that my friend knows of my ice skating abilities and said we should meet up and go skating. I was all up for this plan because he is the only friend I’ve had who is willing to go ice skating. Sadly the stupid ice rink has stopped doing its day time sessions on a weekend and only does evenings, seen as neither of us can drive we would have to get the bus. It’s fine for him because he lives close to the ice rink where as I am around 40 minutes away. I also don’t really want to be on the bus late at night because knowing my luck I’ll get on the wrong one and end up stabbed to death down some back alley.

Instead he came over in the afternoon and brought his dog. I told him to get the bus to Tesco because that is the biggest and easiest landmark to get to. He texted me to say he was there and when I arrived I couldn’t find him. He then rang me and said he was at the wrong one. All I could do was laugh into the phone for a good five minutes. He had gotten off at Tesco Express.

We then ended up meeting up halfway and our dogs just went mental. Mine kept on trying to run in circles despite being on a lead, and a few times she ran into the road. I had to drag her back onto the pavement as all the cars swerved to avoid the hyperactive ball of fluff. (She is 1/2 bichon frise, 1/4 maltese, 1/4 shitzhu) It ended up being really muddy and my Docs are now brown.

My friends dog (yorkie cross) saw a puddle and made a beeline for it and almost sent him into the mud because his shoes lacked grip on the wet grass. It started raining on the dog walk and neither of is had rain coats so we ended up waiting the worst of it out at Tesco. We thought it had eased up and started the walk back to mine and then the heaven’s opened and got soaked.

Once back in the dryness of the house we gave the dogs baths because they were both black from the mud. It was quite funny because his dog escaped and got mud everywhere. I then forced my friend to watch RED – Retired: EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Because for some unknown reason he hadn’t seen this movie (it is a brilliant movie and the second one is out now on DVD)

Then he left and I went on skype and I ended up skyping the sister in Paris, then when I finished that call my kiwi friend came online, then my friend in Chester came online. Literally I spoke to so many people that day, I honestly felt truly loved.

I don’t even know where I was going with this post, I am truly sorry if I have bored you.


2 thoughts on “Fwends

  1. Your mate sounds like a cool guy 🙂 It must have sucked balls to get soaked in the rain though 😦 I hate it when that happens.
    Reading about how much socialising you’ve done has literally worn me out. I think I’ve experienced second-hand socialising, if that’s even possible…

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