Over Yonder

I think it was either yesterday, or the day before…I was walking to College and was minding my own business when I spotted something out the corner of my eye. I stopped, pivoted (rather gracefully, considering I have no coordination) and saw a man asleep on the pavement. Well, he was either asleep, unconscious or dead. Either way he looked rather peaceful. I decided to take a sneaky photograph, this failed. It ended up being a blurred photo of the ground. A man across the street was staring at me so I couldn’t take a second shot.

In College, two guys got kicked off the course because they hadn’t got work placements. Today two other lads find out which one is staying on the course and which is getting chucked off. Its a toss up between my only friend and the really chavvy horrible guy who has a pregnant ex-girlfriend. I hope my friend gets the placement. I don’t want to be alone. I’m so shy, its taken me at least a couple months to be his friend. And even then I’m to lazy to hang out with him outside college (and he hasn’t brought hanging out up, so I am not going to)

I walked home from College, to help with my fitness kick. I power walked all the way home which was basically up hill the entire way. It took me a good forty-five minutes and I walked through the dodgy area, praying that I wouldn’t get stabbed.

I noticed a half eaten chicken leg on the ground as I was walking, but because it was only one chicken leg I didn’t really think much of it. Then, when it came to the twelfth chicken leg, I began taking it more seriously. There were sixteen half eaten chicken legs.



I also notice some kids passport picture.


This also happened.


I have completed a whole week now at my work placement. I am a Marketing Apprentice, despite putting my name down for Web Design. And I am so freaking happy that the Apprentice company chose this interview for me, because I love it.

My boss said I smashed my interview. Ten points to Slytherin. HELL YES.

I’ve spent all week proof-reading Russian emails, which in a sense helps with my trilogy because it involves Russia and the bad dude is Russian. And, I spend all day researching different countries because it is a travel company (there are 5 different websites, including: a lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender one, an american one for millionaires – someone booked a trip costing $100,000 and then cancelled it and didn’t want a refund, a company which deals with UK tours, one which deals with Scotland, etc) I have spent my time researching Italy, Turkey, Greece, France and Croatia for which I am going to write all the holiday itineraries and short story things for why they must visit said places. I have been all over Italy and France, so the research was simple because I already knew all the tourist destinations. My favourite one to research was Croatia, because ever since watching all 15 seasons of ER I had fallen in love with John Carter and Luka Kovac (he made Croatia sexy). Now I want to visit Croatia.

As I was saying, this job is awesome because as my boss calls it; all I have to do is creative writing. It is awesome. It doesn’t even feel like work. I am getting paid slave wages though, which is going to get me nowhere. I’m just going to pray that my trilogy sells millions.

The Web Design man came downstairs today and was shocked at how warm our room was (it’s usually freezing). He then went to find the source of the heat and he found the radiator. He then pressed himself agains the radiator and said “This is like a Nuclear reactor!”

I was the only one who chuckled.


4 thoughts on “Over Yonder

  1. There are so many possible stories and scenarios behind the chicken legs and kid’s passport photo. Like, it could be really sinister…(I laughed so much reading about that).
    Also, those morph suits are amazing! Do you know any of the guys who were wearing them? Are any of them fit??
    It’s awesome that you basically get to write for your job! One of the characters in my (maybe) new novel is Russian too 😀 Good luck with writing!

    • My next novel title: The kid and the chicken legs of doom.
      I don’t know who they were because although I work out of the college I’m part of a different company and not actually the college. Sadly I could only judge the fitness on body shape as their faces were covered (some had pretty dang good bodies). I love it too! Its so much fun and way better than school and A-level’s!! In any story there has to be a Russian, you should read Vampire Academy (its not stupid like twilight, etc) but it involves a hot as Russian dude and the movie is coming out. I have fangirled so hard at all the trailers! I’ve been a fan since 2007/2008!

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