End of the YEAR

It is the end of 2013, despite all my friends in New Zealand already being in 2014.

Today didn’t feel any different, except for the fact that I got a packet of semi permanent hair dye (£5) and got my sister to do my hair. It is now dark dark brown or ‘chocolate truffle’ as the packet says.

The past three years I had awesome NYE celebrations.
2011 – set off chinese lanterns off nearby huge hills
2012 – saw the northern lights when tripping in norway
2013 – florida awesomeness

And now 2014…

I’m sat in my room editing my novel and watching out the window for the odd firework.


And I just saw a drunk woman stumble along the pavement before falling into the road. I was tempted to open the window and shout and give her a fright. But then that could be considered harassment.


The fireworks are so inconsiderate, as soon as I settle back in bed or look away from the window they explode. Then, for the twenty minutes I stare unblinkingly at the sky nothing happens.


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