Rock War Roadie

For as long as I can remember I have been a fan of Robert Muchamore. I have read the entire Cherub series at least five times, The Fall and The Recruit are my favourite. I have also read The Henderson boys.  Last month I got an email telling me of a competition that if I entered it, I could win a copy if his new book Rock War before its released. 

I ended up winning (first thing I have ever won) and today my copy of the book came in the post. Its got ‘Book Proof’ weitten all over it and its a funny shape. But, omygod, it is brilliant. I’m only five chapters in and I love it already. I do miss the whole Cherub series and James Adams, but its something different and I like it.

One thing that would be awesome (as discussed with my friend at College) would be if Robert were to write Cherub books detailing the history’s and missions on all the charcter’s in Cherub. Such as Beuce, Kyle, Kerry etc.

On another note, I had a driving lesson today with a new instructor. Her car was weird. I kept on kangaroo hopping everywhere and then I almost hit a green car because I over steered.



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