Wool and The Gang

I start knitting when I was six, sometime in the hills of kiwiland. My first thing I knitted was a scarf I then posted to my Grandpa, it started off quite skinny and then got wider, and wider. Let’s just say it wasn’t my best work. I recently finished a scarf of multiple colour’s which took me around 8 months to do. It took so long because I kept on losing it. I then was scrolling through Instagram and I stumbled across WATG (wool and the gang). They have ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ knitting patterns, not the weird old lady patterns I keep on finding. 

Despite the fact that the wool is crazy expensive, I am sadly hooked.

Here is a picture of my scarf:



And then this is the cool WATG stuff.


It even has personalized boxes.

My first thing I made was a hat, which I won’t post on here because I don’t want my face plastered all over the internet. Today (the main reason for this post) I got my other order from WATG in the post. My christmas present also came, which I’m not supposed to know about. It just so happened to rattle when I picked it up and I may or may not have googled the website which was on the packaging. I believe it is the set of knitting needles I asked for. 

Anyway I’m really excited to get started on my IKNIT and a little crop top/bra thing. 



I have already started on the Ipad cover!

I was sat here typing this thinking that something smells really weird. I managed to tear my gaze from the screen to find the source of the smell and its a bag of opened ‘Walker’s Sensations, Mature Cheddar and Onion’ chips. I think they are left overs from the mother’s work christmas party. But all I can say is that they stink.

I’ve just realized I haven’t had lunch, damn.


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