Journaling like a pro

I have about six, maybe seven journal’s/diaries on my book shelf at the moment, they are all filled with detailed accounts of what has happened in the past three years. When I unpacked my room, to my horror, I found three diaries from around the 2006 era and this isn’t even including the Travel Diaries. I actually cringed as I reread them. It was mainly lists of what I had done during the day, most were about how my best friend and I had played handball all lunch time. There was even detailed, hand drawn instructions on how to play said game. I was tempted to burn it, maybe in a few years I might find it endearing….

That being said, my more recent diary things are a lot less cringe worthy but I still wouldn’t want anyone reading them. I think my sister and mum have looked through them a few times. There isn’t anything too bad about them in there, its mostly other random stuff. I just wouldn’t want any of my acquaintances to see it. 


Yesterday finished my seventh or eighth (recent) journal, it was a book I got on my last day in New Zealand this summer at this awesome shop at Manakau shopping center. I then had a tearful goodbye with my friend at the airport. 




Which now leads me onto the exciting task of starting a new one! I have a small pile of unused books with nice covers and lovely paper, which I found whilst unpacking. The one I have decided to use is the one I bought in a little book shop in France, just looking at the cover you know it’s French. (no racism intended, sorry if I have offended you). I only got this book because it has unlined pages and I wasn’t going to spend half my savings on a tiny moleskin book. That is just stupid. I wanted to try unlined pages to see if I’m any more creative than how I usually am…



The photo below is an example of some of the random stuff found inside my more recent journal, technically I drew it sometime during year ten. But I found it lying around my room so I decided to glue it in.


Other than that I had a surprisingly uneventful day filled with cleaning and dog walking. And attempting to eat ‘healthy’ which went surprsingly well! I only ate one biscuit and two mini pastries instead of the whole packet of biscuits and entire pack of pastries. I thought I would counter the biscuits and pastries with a bowl of vegetables for lunch, I then countered those with wedges and chicken nuggets for dinner. I honestly can’t eat healthy, I don’t even know why I try…


4 thoughts on “Journaling like a pro

  1. Today I ate a whole bar of Cadburys, some Pringles and a chocolate muffin. Like, I can almost smell the oncoming diabetes.
    I tried keeping a computer journal once and it worked for about a year, but then I just gave up because I ran out of things to write and I found myself too boring.

    • Its even more worrying because my mum used to skip meals and eat like I did and she got diabetes…eeek!! I finished the day by eating half a tub of celebrations. I feel slightly ill now.

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