Kung Fu Killer

I wanted to learn either, kung fu, karate, taekwondo, krav maga, jujitsu, etc. but sadly the mother doesn’t like the idea. Plus I’m to chicken to apply and then come away embarrassed with no self esteem. I would probably hit someone and hen apologise, I found this happened a lot during Fencing.

Instead I have started Toaist Tai Chi with the mother and sister. Its in Stourbridge which is a stupid as ring roundabout thing, its like a fudging maze trying to get there. I’ve been doing it for about four week, I missed it last week because I was preparing for my job interview (omygod! That can be my next post!) and I missed a lesson. So yesterday evening I had LOADS to catch up on. There was a lot of flailing around and tripping up on my feet and tonnes of clicking. 

By the end of the two hours I had got the moves, but not the names. I call stuff swing the baby, weird brid attack, x-men warrior, etc. we paid the joining fee a while ago and I was informed of the t-shirt which is going to be here soon. I’M GETTING A FREAKING T-SHIRT!!!!

The point I was getting to was that today as I was walking around I realised my legs hurt, especially my shins. I didn’t know you could pull muscles in your shin.

A fun fact is that back when we lived in New Zealand my mother met Mr Mo- the dude who created the Toaist Tai Chi Society. He died a year later. We have some bad mojo.




2 thoughts on “Kung Fu Killer

  1. Omg I keep reading it as “Toast Tai Chi” and I keep visualising you doing Tai Chi in a hall which is a shrine to toast or something, with pictures of toast on the walls. BUT ANYWAY, you should totally do Taekwon-Do because it’s awesome and you get to fight people. Obviously there’s other elements to it that aren’t about sparring, but it’s still awesome. And, just to tempt you even more, we get HOODIES instead of t-shirts.
    But yeah, I think I tried Tai Chi once and got very bored. Can’t be handlin’ all dem slow-ass movements.

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