For the love of God.

All I feel like doing right about know is venting, that is why you are getting it. Why? I’ll tell you why. Teen angst and shizzle. It all started on Sunday when the mother told me to get her bag, from her car. I hate it when parents do that, as if they have all the control and treat you like little slaves. I could be selfish but I don’t like how they expect you to do stuff ‘just cos’. I refused (you might be shouting spoiled brat around about now) and so the mother sent the sister. I don’t know why she couldn’t go, its not like her legs had stopped working. The mother then said that she wouldn’t do anything for me this week.

So when I asked her today if she could give me a lift home from work, she said no. Despite the fact that she finishes work at the same time as me. So I thought, fair enough, whatever. She said no because I hadn’t got her bag (its honestly quite petty).

All morning on the drive into town she kept on repeating: “I won’t give you a lift home because you didn’t get my bag and I have to be on the road to Oxford as soon as possible.”

This evening I finished an hour early, I was tempted to ring the mother and ask if I could have a lift home. I thought against it just because I knew I would get an earful about being a spoilt brat who is selfish (I don’t think I am….I hope not). Anyway, I get on the bus, half an hour into the bus ride home I get a text from the mother saying she can give me a lift home if I got to her office sharpish. I wanted to scream and punch the window. This is typical. I hate it.

I did see a really hot guy on the bus, he looked a bit like Brendan Urie crossed with my old math teacher. Just dark haired, chiseled jaw, light stubble…*sighs dreamily*


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