Holiday Highlights

April, 11 2013

(I just found this in my drafts, sorry)

I went on holiday. To France. We took the Eurostar to Paris and then onto Brive. It was a Treyn holiday and I was by far the youngest there, everyone else was 60+.

On the first day when the bus wasn’t outside the station (we had a connection at a different station) and our guide was beginning to panic I got a couple of scowls from the oldies. Obviously they don’t appreciate me. Inconsiderate.

Our driver was the best, he insulted everyone. It was brilliant because no one knew what he was saying, they were just nodding and smiling. Sucks to be them.

We went on steam train ride which was great until we went into a tunnel. There was some old man who insisted on standing on the edge of absolutely everything to get the perfect shot. I don’t know how he didn’t fall..








Yolo Frenchy 

Oh Shit

Frenchy on a Cliff

Frenchy Train

Frenchy Bridge

Frenchy Paris


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