Dead and Gone

I died, my hair and it smelt horrific  It smelt like one of my Chemistry lessons gone wrong. Luckily my hair did not drop out or turn a nasty shade of ginger. The hairdresser said she felt like an artist painting a masterpiece. She then went and got a second person’s opinion. It only took 30 mins to apply and then 20 mins to lift so I wasn’t too bored. It didn’t come out crazy blonde so it looks quite natural although I need to give it a conditioner bath because it so dry now, well drier than before. Now the sister wants to copy. We get mistaken for twins although there is a two year age gap, now we will practically be identical.


The picture isn’t the best as the lighting was absolutely horrible, but here is a slight insight into the wonderful hair of mine. It looks blonder than in the picture.


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